Joel Boily

I kind of just fell into photography.  In 2009 I accepted a management role at a corporate photo studio where I learned the basics.  It was one of those bargain brand, line em' up, shoot em' down type of places.  I began to develop a love for photography and the interaction between photographer and subject but it wasn't long before I saw that something was missing in the experience.  I felt limited.  I KNEW that I could provide a better service and a much better product so I started my own photography company, I call it Black & Gold Photography (a mix between the Nikon colors and a song I really liked at the time).  I shoot weddings, portraits, commercial work and pretty much anything I see.  

When I'm not working with someone to capture their perfect image, I'm running around my hometown of Winnipeg, MB searching for my own.  I spend my free time wandering the streets of downtown and out in the fields of the prairies waiting for the perfect combination of the right light and the right moment to create something special.  See you in my viewfinder!

After 5 years of building an amazing client base and honing my skills I am now joined by my wife Cheryl, who has been an integral part of Black & Gold since the beginning.  Cheryl brings her design background and overall feminine touch to the company and makes for the perfect second photographer.  Together we strive to be a Wedding Photography team that you can trust.  


Cheryl Mains

I’ve always been fascinated with portraits growing up.  As the oldest of 5 kids, I would often put together themes and backdrops and used my younger siblings as models.  Everything from mock fashion shows to choreographed dances were happening in our basement at that time. 

In university I completed a bachelor’s degree in theatre design, learning about stage set up, costume, lighting and how it all comes together.

I love to stage photos.  The details and composition that will make a good photo great is what I love to do.  Weddings are my favorite as I know this day can be really stressful.  I like to make sure the bride and groom feel really comfortable and confident knowing their photos will turn out amazing.

Cake decorating is another creative outlet of mine. I also practice yoga to keep me sane:) Small gatherings with family and friends, house décor and constantly reorganizing are other hobbies I enjoy.  Sometimes Joel and I will just walk around with our cameras just for fun – things appear differently through a lens.

I think we’re a pretty easy going; fun team to work with and I can’t wait to start planning your session!

Our Story

We met in 2008 through mutual friends.  After one fateful night of karaoke, and the help of a song request "A Whole New World" from Disney's Aladdin, we knew we were meant for one another.  Married in 2016, we are now guiding couples through their own wedding experience and doing whatever it takes to give them the best wedding photos that we can. 

We both truly love photography.  We're that annoying couple who always has a camera and a pose ready for every occasion.  You'll find us at home most nights, watching a movie or editing the session from the day before but we also love going out with our friends, dance floors, wine, food and just getting out of the city.

If you're looking for a wedding photography team that is excited to join you on every step of your journey, offer advice and want nothing more than to see you happy on your wedding day then we'd love to meet you.

-Joel & Cheryl