Order A Professionally Printed Flush Mount Wedding Album


Flush Mount Albums Vs. Regular Printed Photo Books

Our Flush Mount Albums

  • Our Flush Mount Albums are professionally printed Wedding Albums. They use real silver halide photo paper that comes with a beautiful Lustre finish where the pages are hand mounted onto the core.

  • Real photo printing doesn't use halftoning. Instead it uses a chemical process done through exposure practices that have been practiced for 100 years. The final result is a real photo with truly seamless tones where no transition is apparent.

  • Flush Mount Albums are strong and meant for rigorous use. The hard thick pages don't bend so they always retain their shape and they have a coating that protects them against spills and stains.

  • Our Flush Mount Albums use a layflat design, which allows for full spread panoramic views.

Other Regular Photos Books

  • Other regular press photo books are low-end photo books that are mass produced using inkjet printers and stock papers. It does not matter whether the printing press uses 4, 6 or 8 colour HD printing, they all rely on halftone CMYK technology, which is fundamentally gamut limited.

  • Regular press photo books use the same type of ink, paper, and press print method as magazines and catalogs, therefore you'll notice grainy noise added to the photos where there should be soft smooth transitions.

  • Regular press photo book pages bend out of shape and eventually become permanently wrinkled over time.

  • Regular press photo books lose the image inside the gutter.

Square 8x8 Flush Mount Album
Leatherette Cover
20 Pages

Landscape 11x14 Flush Mount Album
Leatherette Cover
40 Pages