Choosing Your Wedding PhotogRapher

This past weekend we experienced another first; as exhibitors at Winnipeg's Wonderful Wedding Show!  Don’t let our calm and collected smiles fool you, it was a bit stressful.  That being said, we made a plan, pulled it together, and presented a trendy little booth where we got to meet a lot of cool people.

There were a fair number of Wedding Photographers for engaged couples to choose from.  They displayed everything from albums to artsy prints, contests and giveaways; we knew how crazy choosing a photographer would be.  When speaking to engaged couples at our booth we provided a few takeaways;

Feel comfortable and make sure you click when choosing your photographers (no pun intended).  They will be with you for most if not your entire wedding day so ensure you can be yourself around them.  Choose someone who can control a small crowd for those group photos and guide you through those awkward poses if need be.  

 Most photographers will share their best work on social media and on their website so you can easily see if their style matches yours.

Most importantly, don’t leave choosing your photographer until the last minute.  Some wedding photographers will book a year or even two in advance.  It’s nice to meet with a few of them in person before making your final choice. 

We hope those who attended this year’s wedding show found some inspiration for their big day.   For us, we shared what we love to do with others and were reminded of how lucky we are that Winnipeg has such a strong, supportive wedding community.