Destination Weddings For Winnipeggers

Over the past few years destination weddings have become quite the trend.  Why is this you wonder? We actually just got back from our very own Puerto Vallarta wedding and we wouldn’t have done it any other way.  Here’s why.


As wedding photographers we see the constant stress that brides go through when planning their wedding.  Between venues, caterers and all the tiny details that go with planning, it can be a whirl wind experience.  Destination weddings are great for managing all that hassle for you.  For us, we simply chose a package on our resort’s wedding website and it included everything from the meal, location and even floral bouquets. 


For some couples, price for their wedding is no object but for others, including us, price was a factor.  We didn’t want to go into debt from our wedding day.  After researching a ton of local venues and adding up our growing list of expenses we decided to look into a destination option.  We were shocked and excited to find that a destination wedding was in fact only a third of the cost compared to having a wedding back home!


This was a tough one for us.  We both have large families and our guest list exceeded 300 people.  We knew that some of our closest family members and friends would not be able to make the destination trip so we decided to have an engagement party right here in Winnipeg where everyone could attend and celebrate with us.  This is a good way to celebrate with those who cannot make the actual wedding day.


Use a travel agent.  They will tell you the best wedding resorts to choose from and offer your group a great wedding rate as long as you have a minimum of ten people traveling together.  Perks for the married couple also include first class flights, special care of your dress/suit on the plane and often the resort will include something complimentary as well.  


Who wouldn’t want a beautiful destination backdrop for their wedding photos?  If it’s high rise mountains in the distance or crashing waves against the sand, your wedding photos will be a great keepsake to look back on.   Another perk of booking a destination wedding is obtaining travel credits for the amount of guests you bring.  This extra bonus allowed us to bring our Winnipeg wedding photographer for an extremely great price. 

Although a destination wedding may not be for everyone it was a great choice for us.  It gave us more than just one day to spend time with our guests and gave our family and friends a much needed break from their busy lives.  Looking back at our photos and memories it was worth it!