Tips For Your Winter Wedding

Do we love when couples opt to have their big day in our Winnipeg wintery wonderland? Hell ya.  If you’re not afraid to venture out into the snow in your best dressed for a few photo ops, this time of year might be just for you.

Some couples ask if their white attire will “blend” into the snow and not be seen in their wedding photos.  This is definitely not the case.  In fact, you could say the snow is Mother Nature’s wedding day backdrop; after all it is all white!  We find that the contrast of a white dress or suit against some fluffy flakes is actually quite pure and elegant for wedding photos.  

For a bride in her dress, a nice coloured shawl or scarf is a great touch.  Also keep in mind, your bridal parties’ attire and floral bouquets will create a pop of colour in your group photos.

Your wedding venue is a great second location for your winter wedding photos.  Using both indoor and outdoor locations will allow for more variety and creative photo opportunities.  

So if you’re planning to winterize your wedding ties, keep these tips in mind to help you breeze through your day.