Frequently Asked Questions

What are your Wedding day rates? Our full day packages start at $3200. This includes two main photographers, a complimentary Love Story Engagement Session and all the edited digital files.

How much time do we need for photos on our Wedding Day? We ask for 2 hours for formal photos with you and your wedding parties but we are shooting everything that happens on your wedding day from morning to night. Click Here for some examples of common wedding schedules.

Do you always work as a team? Yes, we have mastered a specific way of working together to maximize every moment of your day. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer two different perspectives of your wedding day to give you a wide variety of photos.

What happens if one of you is sick or injured? In our 9 years of working weddings, we have never missed even one! If something were to happen (knock on wood) we have a great community of professional Winnipeg Wedding Photographers that are able to second shoot or take our place in a worst case scenario.

What if it rains on my Wedding day? An overcast sky is in fact the ideal lighting for photos on a wedding day. Our camera gear is weather resistant and in the past we’ve worked through the rain. We always bring along umbrellas for you and your bridal party. As professionals we know how to deal with “tricky” situations and still provide you with the best results. Day after sessions can be arranged if you feel it’s necessary.

Can we provide you with a shot list on our Wedding day? Yes you can but we ask our couples to trust our creative process on your wedding day. If there are specific photos that you would like us to incorporate then please let us know prior to your wedding.

Do we feed you two at dinner? After several fast paced hours of working we appreciate a meal to keep our energy up. We always have our cameras on hand during our dinner for speeches or anything else that may happen.

How long does it take to get our photos back? Our contract states between 4-6 weeks. Depending on the time of year we may be able to deliver them much sooner. We always like to show a few sneak peeks on our social media pages a day or two after your wedding.


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