Where to shoot for engagement photos

The number one question couples ask when planning their engagement photos is “What’s a good spot?”  We ask them two things, what’s your story and what’s your wedding style?  

If you and your financé have a unique story; met at a café, during a baseball game or on a beach, we would love to photograph this milestone in your relationship at that very same place.  

If you don’t have a special go to, then opt for something unlike what your wedding style will be.  For example, if you’re planning a summer country wedding with soft pastels and wild flowers, let’s turn things up for the engagement shoot by adding some bold tones in a sunset urban location.  

If you’re still undecided here’s a bunch of our favorite Manitoba locations for engagement photos.


In the Comfort of your Own Home
What better way to personalize your photo session than having it in your very own home.  If this is your first professional photo shoot or you’re not sure what to expect, the familiarity and comfort of your own living space can create some spectacular photos.  Whether shooting in your environment for a lifestyle session or setting up a portable portrait studio for a more produced look, shooting in your home can sometimes be the best option.  This will also save on travel time and perhaps allow a few outfit changes should you choose.

The Forks Market / Johnston Terminal
Where the Assiniboine River meets the Red; The Forks offers many indoor and outdoor location options for different session styles.  Some of the highlights include the following attractions

  • The Market
  • Johnston Terminal
  • The Candy Train
  • Inn at the Forks Hotel
  • The Red River Walking path
  • The Canadian Museum for Human Rights
  • The Children's Museum
  • Skate Park Plaza
  • The Esplanade (Provencher Bridge)


Manitoba Hydro Building
A modern indoor location located in the heart of downtown.  The main part of the building includes 2 waterfall walls, leather couches, huge windows on the north and south sides of the building and lots of space.  This is a great backup location for rainy days.

Email gmistafa@hydro.mb.ca to book a time slot.


Manitoba Legislative Building
By far one of the most popular indoor photo locations for Weddings.   A government building featuring marble floors, elegant backdrops and a grand staircase.  Booking far in advance is a must.  In the summer months the surrounding grounds are also a magnificent option.


The Hamilton Building
Located in the Winnipeg Exchange district, this beautiful nine story building features a white winding staircase and large window. This architectural style is a perfect romantic location for your photo session.

Additional fees apply to use this location

Red River Collegiate (Downtown Campus)
Located in the Exchange District this location offers the beauty of the architectural stone building with the comfort of an indoor setting. 

Additional fees may apply

University of Manitoba
The University of Manitoba campus is a great location for both indoor and outdoor photography.  The campus features classic architecture and well maintained grounds in the summer.


Assiniboine Park / Zoo
Located North of the Assiniboine Forest and along the Assiniboine River this location offers many attractions that provide endless photo possibilities.

  • The Zoo
  • The Park conservatory
  • The Park Pavilion
  • Formal and informal gardens
  • A sculpture garden
  • Miniature railway
  • Performing Arts Outdoor Theatre
  • Duck pond
  • Children’s nature playground


St. Vital Park
Located on the east bank of the Red River this location features several hiking trails, a pond, children’s playground and a picnic area. 


Kildonan Park
Located in the Northeast of Winnipeg, this location features beautiful flower shrubbery and scenic walking bridges.  It is home to the well-known ‘Witch’s Hut’, Rainbow Stage, a duck pond and wide open spaces. 


King's Park
Located in southern Winnipeg this location is known for its beautiful Chinese Pagoda Gardens, bright red bridges and Memorial Labyrinth.  There are also many forested areas and gardens throughout.


Birds Hill Park
Located 10 minutes Northeast of Winnipeg, Birdshill is known for its various trails and deep forest scenery.  This location will capture that countryside atmosphere that your session needs. 

Additional fees may apply for park entry

Stephen Juba Park / Waterfront Drive
Located alongside the western bank of the Red River, this location features perfectly landscaped backdrops and is a short walk to the urban exchange district locations.  This is a great option for someone who wants a mix between Urban and Scenic environments.  The Mere Hotel is also alongside this location which can add a great splash of color to any photo session.   


Exchange District
Located in the heart of Winnipeg, this location will provide an ‘urban feel’ to your session with its Historic site of terracotta cut-stone architecture.  Adorable shops and cafes lend themselves to the perfect 'Old New York' look for engagement sessions and many graffiti walls and gritty areas for the perfect juxtaposition to your pristine Wedding attire.


St. Boniface Cathedral
The St. Boniface Cathedral-Basilica Parish, built in 1818,  is a major historical site of Manitoba.  Located within the Archdiocese of Saint Boniface and a short walk from the Provencher bridge, another Winnipeg staple.  This is a great location for the proud Winnipegger.


Gimli Harbour, Manitoba
Located just an hour north of Winnipeg, this rural municipality is found in the Interlake region of south central Manitoba.  Here you will find parks, beaches, and a beautiful harbour all located within this quaint rural town on the lake.